Simple Table

Short Description

Creates a basic HTML Table without additional functionality or dependencies.

Example Code

<div id="table-json-file" class="plastic-js" style="height: 100px; width: 100%;">

    <script class="plastic-data" type="application/json" data-url="/docs/_static/data/simple-default.json" data-format="simple-default"></script>

    <script class="plastic-display" data-module="simple-table" type="application/json">
            "tableClasses": "table table-condensed"


Live Example

Example Data

Link to the JSON file - click here.



plastic.js manages the dependencies automatically. There is no need to include them manually, but you can do so if you want.

Available Options

This example snippet contains all available options with their default values:

<script class="plastic-display" data-module="simple-table" type="application/json>
        "tableClasses": ""

Properties details:

Table Classes

DescriptionTable CSS Classes
"tableClasses": ""